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This is your Emergency Contact Information sheet. Please fill out each section carefully. We request this information each semester you are at SSF to make sure our records are up to date. Thank you for giving this your attention!

Please make sure you are using proper grammar & capitalization when you complete this form. Use formal language and your complete information. Please do not use any abbreviated terms or slang words. Thank you!

Note: DO NOT use your SSF address.

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The information below will be used to match to your current account in our database. Please be sure to provide the correct information. Thank you!

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Additional Resident Information.

Are you or have you been any of the following SSF Leadership positions?
  • Ambassador
  • Business Manager
  • House Manager
  • President
  • Race Coordinator/Social Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-/Co-President
  • Historians

Emergency Contact Information

Do you have any documented allergies/health/medical issues? If yes, please explain.*
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Thank you! If you have any additional questions, you may contact the SSF Office.

If you have any changes to this form after submitting, or throughout the year, please return to this form & resubmit all updates/changes online.

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