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  • $50 Microchips 10 pets, providing a secure way to reunite them with their owners if lost.
  • $100 Spays 1 rescue dog, vastly improving its chances of getting adopted.
  • $250 Helps 10 Good Samaritans get 10 community (un-owned) cats spayed or neutered.
  • $500 Neuters 11 cats, dramatically increasing the odds that they won’t stray looking for a mate.
  • $1,000 Neuters 9 large breed dogs, preventing countless unwanted litters and euthanasia.
  • Other $
Be a Constant Companion
Make a monthly gift to help a different pet each month. Monthly giving is the easiest way to support the mission of SNP LA. When you sign up with a monthly gift, you're providing a dependable income stream that goes toward providing top-notch medical care for pets-in-need, allowing them to stay happy and healthy in their homes while reducing the number of unexpected and unwanted puppies and kittens going to shelters.


Constant Companions make it possible for SNP LA to provide the best care for the pets that need it most.  Constant Companions receive updates from our veterinary staff and caregivers with stories from inside our clinics about extraordinary pets receiving the care they need.  Become a Constant Companion today and receive a members-only SNP LA sweatshirt.  Together, we can fix this!


Memorial or Tribute Gifts


A tribute gift is a wonderful way to honor a beloved pet or someone who embodies the spirit of SNP LA. You are not only touching the life of the honoree, you are helping our community's animals. Tribute gifts may be made in memory, honor, or celebration of a loved one, or to commemorate a special occasion. When a gift is made, you receive an acknowledgement and the honoree or the family of an honoree being memorialized receives a tribute letter (the amount of your gift is not disclosed). Please include tribute information in the Comments section below.


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