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1. The daily rental rate for this furnished room is currently $65. Payment is due weekly (see below).


2. You are responsible for washing your linens while you are renting the room. If you are using the laundry, please be sure you are through by 9:00p.m. in consideration of those trying to rest.


3. The common telephone in the front office is available to you for local calls only. Please use a long distance calling card for long distance calls. Please limit your calls to 10-15 minutes. Dial 9 for an outside line.


4. There is a “NO SMOKING” policy in place at St. Dominic Village. Please do not allow smoking by guests, friends or relatives in the room or in close proximity to any building.
5. NO PETS are allowed in the rooms, including visitors’ pets.
6. By signing this contract, it is understood that you are renting this room for a patient and/or family member of a patient actively receiving treatment at the Texas Medical Center. This room shall be vacated whenever the patient no longer has weekly appointments with the doctor and/or is discharged.

7. This room may be occupied by two persons. This room may not be rented out by the tenant nor occupied by an individual not directly involved with the care of the patient.
8.  St. Dominic Village has a right to enter the room to respond to your  request, make repairs and replacements, leave notices and to confirm residency.
9. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend St. Dominic Village and its representative, employees, officers and directors from any and all losses, costs, expenses and damages including attorney’s fees and court costs, incurred as a result of any personal injury, property loss, or damage caused by, or arising from, your occupancy of the room. You agree that this agreement may not be assigned, and you agree you cannot sublease this room.
10. You agree to abide by the St. Dominic Village House Rules, hereby made a part of this agreement, these rules in the Welcome Booklet in your room.
11. This room is rented, furnished and maintained by St. Dominic Village solely for the convenience of individuals who need special housing assistance during their treatment. We ask that you give the room and furnishings the same good care that you would your own home. We have furnished this room so that you may indeed feel that it is your “home away from home” and hope you will enjoy it as such. Please know we pray for each of you and your family as you walk this journey

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