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The annual "There Is Hope" luncheon is the single biggest event of the year for Steven's Hope. This year, on November 7, the event will take place at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Ontario, CA from 12 Noon to 1:00PM.  Our goal is to have 350 or more people in attendance to learn more about Steven's Hope. 


To make this happen, Table Captains are needed to do their best to fill a table of ten people who have a passion for kids and want to make an impact. Steven's Hope is looking for 55 Table Captains to join the team of individuals that will make change happen on this special day. Right now, we are about half way to our goal!  You can help us reach our goal!!


There is no requirement for you to "buy" a table or sell tickets to the event.  The lunch is free.  However, there will be an ask for support during the one-hour lunch.  That's right, the lunch is just one hour long. While this is a fundraiser, there is no requirement to give, nor is there a minimum or a maximum gift amount. Hopefully, they will be inspired enough to give with a one-time gift or a pledge over a 5 year period.


Please take a moment to fill out the short questionnaire and someone from the Steven's Hope office will get back to you with more details and answers to all of your questions. Together we can let families know THERE IS HOPE!


Tony Cappelli


Steven's Hope for Children

Please make your selection below. 

Soon, you will be contacted by email or phone to go over the Table Captain position.  It would be great if your effort fills a table or two, but it's not expected to have that kind of result.  If you bring 8. Great!  6 is good and so is 4! Just do your best.  We'll work with other Table Captains and combine tables if necessary.

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