Help A Mate application Part A

Support Act's Help A Mate services provides an opportunity for the music community to raise money for an artist or music worker in crisis.


We do this by setting up a secure online donation facility on our website, in the name  of the person you want to help. Donors to the appeal can make donations direct to your appeal via the Support Act website using a credit card. Support Act issues all donors who give more than $2 with a tax deductible receipt. We take care of the donations so that you can focus on raising awareness, spreading the word and rallying support for your appeal.


You can see current Help A Mate appeals on our Give Help page where donors are directed to support your appeal. 


Once the appeal has concluded, Support Act will remit the funds to the account you nominate, for the benefit of your mate. We will write a letter to the beneficiary confirming that the donation is a charitable gift (which means it is not subject to tax).


10% of the money raised in your Help-a-Mate appeal is retained by Support Act. This money will help us to continue our charitable objectives including Help-a-Mate Appeals.


Support Act 's Help A Mate service is an easy, cost effective way of helping a mate - and it works - Support Act has helped the music community raise almost $1million for their mates!  


If you want to raise money for an artist or music worker you know is in crisis by organising an appeal or event through Support Act, apply below. 

Are you applying as the:
  • person who will receive the funds? (i.e. the beneficiary)
  • person who will organise the appeal?
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Is the beneficiary able to provide the names and contact details of two professional referees (not family or friends) who can verify their career?
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Is the beneficiary ill, injured or experiencing a crisis which is preventing them from working in music?
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Thank you for completing this form. Once you submit your information you will receive a automatic message confirming receipt. We will assess your application and a staff member will respond within the next 5 working days. 

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