Help A Mate Benefit Concert Application

Support Act’s Help A Mate service provides an opportunity for friends, family and/or work colleagues to raise money for an artist, roadie or music worker who is in need or suffering hardship or distress.


If you want to raise money for someone you know is in crisis by organising a benefit concert or event through Support Act, apply below. We will review promptly. Our goal is to have your appeal up and running within 7 days of approving your application.


Please note that 10% of the money raised in your Help a Mate concert or event is retained by Support Act. This money will help us to continue our charitable objectives including Help a Mate Appeals. You can see current Help A Mate appeals on our here.


If you would like raise money via a direct appeal, please complete the Appeal Application form. (This can be done in addition to a benefit concert or instead of).

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