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South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light (SCIPL) is inspired by diverse faith perspectives to care for the Earth and all its inhabitants. SCIPL engages people of faith to work together for a just and sustainable future. SCIPL offers programs and resources for advocacy, action, energy conservation, education, networking, and worship. Please confirm your support of our efforts by completing our Earth Care Covenant.

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I, (please type name here), support the mission of South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light to engage people of faith in caring for the Earth through advocacy, action, energy conservation, education, networking, and worship.*
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This Covenant is important because:
● Taking a moral, ethical and spiritual stand for Earth care is an act of love for our sacred planet and future generations.
● Working collaboratively as a participant with SCIPL demonstrates that you want to promote ecological justice for our brothers and sisters in South Carolina and all other parts of the world, especially those who are economically challenged and suffering most.
● All of the major religious traditions are calling their members to care for the Earth.
● The SCIPL Earth Care Covenant constitutes a witness to other people of faith to consider acting in justice and consideration for environmental stewardship.

● Your engagement demonstrates to secular society that people of faith care about the Earth and all of its inhabitants and are committed to address the significant environmental and justice challenges we face.
● The Covenant recognizes and affirms the good things that you are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which can then serve as examples for others.
● Your Covenant supports the work of SCIPL’s staff and programs and grows the resources available to you.
● Having many people sign the Covenant increases the strength, scope and influence of SCIPL’s ethical and justice voice when addressing policy issues appropriate for a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization at the local, state, and national levels.



SCIPL’s ministry throughout the state depends upon donations and grants. Your contribution furthers our work together as
partners caring for the Earth and the future.  Donations are tax deductible. When possible, SCIPL asks those signing the Earth
Care Covenant to offer a financial donation to our work. Please direct questions to or call 864-688-9323.

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