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I __________________________ intend to participate in volunteer workday(s) with Sustaining Way (add contact information below).

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I consent to participation by my minor son/daughter _______________________ (fill in box below).

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In consideration for myself/son/daughter being allowed to participate in this event, I am being asked to execute this document with legal significance which I understand is intended to affect legal rights which I, my spouse, my child/children,
or a legal representative, could possibly have against Sustaining Way, its employees, or its affiliates which arise out of, or relate to, mine/my son’s/my daughter’s participation in this event. By submitting the form, I am agreeing, individually, and on the behalf of any other person who might claim a right as follows:


1. My child/children, and I release Sustaining Way, its employees, and affiliates and waive any claim for injury, disability, disease, death or property damage which results from participation in my work with Sustaining Way. This release specifically covers and releases any and all claims against Sustaining Way, its employees, and affiliates for their own negligence.

2. I agree, and I hereby bind my estate, to indemnify Sustaining Way, its employees, and affiliates against any claim by me, or by my child/children, or by a legal representative, or by any third party which relates to, or in any way arises out of mine/my child’s participation in work with Sustaining Way, including any costs or attorneys’ fees which are incurred by them.

3. I assume any risks and hazardous incidents to myself/my child’s/children’s participation in working with Sustaining Way and consent to full participation by myself/my child/children. I recognize that I /my child/children may be directed as part of work with Sustaining Way to activities that may have certain dangerous conditions, which are not the responsibility of Sustaining Way. Additionally, I recognize that Sustaining Way has no responsibility to determine the suitability of any location for me or my child/children,
or to act in removing me or my child/children, but such decisions to withdraw from locations or activities shall rest solely with me.

4. I further authorize Sustaining Way, its employees, and affiliates to furnish myself/my child/children with emergency medical care or to obtain the same from medical professionals in the event that the staff in their judgment deem the same to be needed for myself/my child/children. This authorization includes, but is not limited to the following procedures to be conducted by licensed professionals: examination, x-ray, anesthetic,
diagnostic and medical procedures including surgery, if necessary. I further agree to pay for this medical care provided to myself/my child/children or to reimburse Sustaining Way for this medical care.

I grant permission for my photo or my child’s photo and/or video to be used for Sustaining Way promotional purposes, including use on the Sustaining Way website. I understand that photos on the website will not be identified by name.

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