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Why is lowering your energy usage important to your congregation?     *
Has your congregation completed any other energy efficiency upgrades in the past five years? Please describe them.*
What type of heating equipment is used at your worship facilities (e.g., electric heat pumps, natural gas furnace, electric furnace, natural gas boiler, propane boiler, heating oil boiler, etc.)? *
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How many hours per week is your facility typically in use? *
Please describe the proposed project in detail, including the amount requested for reimbursement of materials costs (up to $5,000 payable following project completion), estimated labor costs (SCIPL can provide up to $200 per congregation in labor cost reimbursement), availability of volunteers to reduce labor costs, and any other pertinent factors you wish to share. *
If an on-site energy audit finds additional cost-effective energy savings opportunities, how much would your congregation be willing and able to spend on upgrades in addition to the project described above?*
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