The Coins for Kids with Cancer program provides a simple and easy way to raise money for childhood cancer.  Lots of change adds up quickly and gathering coins is something that everyone can do!  Coins for Kids with Cancer empowers children to take the initiative in the fight against pediatric cancer.


So why is the Coins for Kids with Cancer campaign so important?


Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15 in the United States.  Childhood cancer research is vastly underfunded.  Currently, the National Cancer Institute gives less than 4% of its grants to childhood cancer; therefore, childhood cancer research is funded mostly from private and corporate donations.  


The Coins for Kids with Cancer campaign is part of the TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation which strives to raise awareness and fund research towards finding a cure for childhood cancer.  In recent years, TCCF has awarded more than $2.3 million towards finding a cure for childhood cancer by funding patient programs and research projects across the country.


Additionally, TeamConnor's Coins for Kids with Cancer campaigns will directly fund our KidzBinz Activity Box Program designed to help children facing isolated cancer treatments.  Did you know that children receiving bone marrow transplants or MIBG radiation therapy will often be in isolation for 7 to 90 days?  The KidzBinz Activity Box Program is designed to help these children stay active and engaged while in treatment.  Hospitals have found that this program is an essential component of quality pediatric health care by supporting the child's psychological and emotional needs while easing their feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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  • $500 (1000 half-dollars or 2 KidzBinz Activity Boxes)
  • $250 (1000 quarters or 1 KidzBinz Activity Box)
  • $100 (1000 dimes or 1 Lego Set)
  • $50 (1000 nickels or 1 Art Set)
  • $25 (2500 pennies or 1 Activity Game)
  • Other $

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