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Volunteer Opportunities:


Friend - Attend Saturday practices, weekday practices, and races on a drop-in basis.

Mentor - Regularly attend Saturday practices, races, and community events, and maintain regular contact with a Mentee during the academic year.

School Volunteer - Teachers, school staff, parents, and/or community members who regularly run with students at weekday practices.

School Liason - Assist School Site Coordinators with weekday program logistics and coordination.

Fundraising - Assist Teens Run DC with development projects and fundraising campaigns.


Internship - Gain hands-on professional experience working as an intern with Teens Run DC. 

Social Media - Assist Teens Run DC with developing and maintaining our outreach through social media. 

Video/Photography- Snap photos or record short video clips at practices, community events, and races for Teens Run DC media communication and promotion.


Organizational Support- Assist Teens Run DC staff with a variety of administrative tasks. 


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  • Friend
  • Mentor
  • School Volunteer
  • School Liaison
  • Internship
  • Social Media
  • Video/Photography
  • Fundraising
  • Organizational Support
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Please provide complete email addresses and phone numbers for three non-familial references who has known you for at least one year. References will be contacted via email or phone and will remain completely confidential.

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Volunteer Release, Waiver, and Informed Consent


1. I acknowledge that I have read this release carefully and understand that this is an important, legally binding document. By signing this release I am giving up any rights to file a lawsuit against Teens Run DC, DCPS and the organizations in whose races we participate. This includes all officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and sponsors in the above organizations.

2. I have requested to participate in Teens Run DC. I certify that I am in good health and have no physical or other impediments which would endanger me while participating in the program. To this end, it is strongly recommended that all adults get a physical from a health care provider prior to participation in this program. In consideration for participating in Teens Run DC, I agree on behalf of myself and my heirs, my assignees, executors, and administrators, to voluntarily release, discharge, waive, and relinquish Teens Run DC, and DCPS, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from any and all actions for personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death arising as a result of engaging in this program. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Teens Run DC and DCPS from any liability, claim, or action for personal injury, property damage, wrongful death which arises out of or related to participation in the program, whether or not the liability, claim, or action, arises out of the negligence and carelessness on the part of Teens Run DC and DCPS.

3. For any and all races in which I participate while affiliated with Teens Run DC, I agree, warrant and covenant as follows: I know that running is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter or run in these activities unless I am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to my ability to safely complete the run. I assume all risks associated with running in this race including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of weather, including high heat and/or humidity, the conditions of the road and traffic on the course, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release TRDC, DCPS and all race sponsors, directors, officers, employees, agents, their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver. Furthermore, I agree that the sponsors of this event may use my name and likeness for publicity purposes.

4. MEDIA RELEASE. I consent to be photographed/audio/video taped as part of the Teens Run DC program. I further give permission for these photographs/audio/video tapes to be used or published in annual reports, newsletters, brochures, and/or other media outlets without expecting monetary compensation.


Teens Run DC is conducting ongoing program evaluation research so that we can ensure best practices in our program and build greater success for our youth. To that end you may be asked to participate in periodic surveys or focus groups throughout the year, but your participation in these activities is voluntary. All records from this evaluation will be kept confidential, and only the research team and the program director will have access to your responses. The information generated from the evaluation of the program will be stored in a locked filing cabinet at The George Washington University and will be destroyed at the conclusion of the study. No individual identities will be used in any reports or publications resulting from this study.

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