Right now there is 4,800 young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are homeless or living in hostile environments.

In most cases they have been driven out of their family homes because of parental rejection, abuse from within the family, and aggression or violence.

At The Albert Kennedy Trust we offer support and accommodation to get young people back on their feet. But we need your support.

Your cash pledge to The Albert Kennedy Trust will make a difference to the lives of young, homeless LGBT people.

  • £5 Will provide a young person with a mobile phone top-up to ensure they have access to support wherever they are.

  • £25 Will provide a young person with an emergency support pack this Winter; including everything a young person needs to keep safe for one night.

  • £50 Will provide two nights off the streets this Winter for young LGBT people, including accommodation, a mobile phone top-up, travel and food.

  • £50 OR MORE Will go towards maintaining our revolutionary Purple Door House or one of our flats in London or Newcastle. It’ll also go towards bringing our eBuddy project to young people, ensuring they have access to direct support from AKT wherever they are.

PLEASE give what you can to ensure no young person is at risk of harm on the streets.

It’s unacceptable. There should be no room for hate.

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