Big Table Partnership Summary

We are honored that you are considering Big Table as the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts. There are currently 1.5 million nonprofits in the country, and you chose Big Table - WE ARE GRATEFUL


If you would like to partner with us to raise money to support the largest industry in the country with the highest concentration of need, that would simply be brilliant. 


We also want to honor your time and ours. This summary and event proposal will help your team and us decide if Big Table is a good match for your event.

We have a more detailed agreement to review and sign if we decide to partner together that includes the legalese and details about event insurances, permits, etc... but before you spend all that time let's go over the requirements and outline your benefit event. 

Benefit Impact Levels


The minimum donation required to publicize Big Table as the beneficiary. Authorized Big Table logo can be used and marketing materials will be provided upon request. 



Big Table will work to send a representative to attend your benefit event. Authorized Big Table logo can be used and marketing materials will be provided upon request. 



This level comes with major publicity: your benefit promoted through Big Table social media and on; and the local Big Table City Director will be present during the event. 



This level comes with premier publicity: you'll be featured on; the event will be promoted through Big Table Social media and the local Big Table team will be present to help work the event. 



*all levels require a certain amount of lead time in order to successfully involve Big Table and to honor everyone's time. Lead time will be determined by local Big Table City Director. 

Big Table Benefit Proposal

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How will the funds be raised?
How are funds tracked?
What amount has this event raised in the past?
What is your goal this year?
How do you plan to promote this benefit event?
What promotion from Big Table would be helpful?
Does this event require one/some/all of the following?

*due to liability issues, our board has decided we are not able to use our non-profit status to apply for a liquor license on behalf of a third party. 

Percentage/amount given to Big Table
When can Big Table expect to receive the donation?
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