University of Fondwa, USA

Your gifts empower rural Haitian families ...
... to dramatically improve their quality of life!


The University of Fondwa (UNIF) stands alone serving rural Social Entrepreneurs with classes in agronomy, veterinary medicine and business management.


According to the United Nations World Food Programme, Agriculture provides 50 percent of jobs in the country and accounts for 25 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)¹.


As Haiti does not produce enough food for her people more than half the country is undernourished².


Unlike any other government/nongovernmental program, UNIF directly addresses Haiti's neglected agricultural potential — equipping entrepreneurs to start-up and sustain businesses that will dramatically improve their quality of life.


Only because of your generosity, rural Haitians can continue to achieve economic self-sufficiency as they simultaneously expand the food supply — for generations to come.


Your generous gifts empower rural Haitians and their families break out of poverty - not simply just survive it!


¹The Republic of Haiti: Current issues and what the World Food Programme is doing. United Nations. Accessed December 2016.



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  • Student Scholarships
  • Disaster Relief

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