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The Donor can be an artist, a gallery contact person, or a collector.
If the donor is a gallery, please add the gallery name to the Donating Gallery field. Do not add a gallery name unless the gallery is the official donor. The donor will receive all communications, including the jury results and sales information.

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The information you provide here will be used in the Art for AIDS Catalog and on the Art for AIDS website.

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Art Medium*
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Mixed-Media
  • Photograph
  • Print
  • Sculpture

Please provide medium details (10 words max) about the piece—what materials you used, what kind of surface it's on, or other info you'd like us to print in the catalog or on the web about your piece. Your statement will go in the box at the bottom of the form, not here.

Medium Details including printer and substrate*


For prints and photographs please provide print number / edition size
For example: 15/25 or open edition

Print Number / Edition Size


For digital prints and photographs please provide printer and subtrate
For example: Photograph printed with 12-Color Epson on Hahnemühle acid-free paper

Where is the signature?
Medium sized pieces—about 36″ x 36″ (1,296 square inches) are most likely to be accepted by the jury. Multiply height in inches x width in inches to determine square inches.

Please enter dimensions in inches, without inch marks.
Height WITHOUT FRAME (no inch marks)*
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Framed Height, if framed (no inch marks)
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Depth (if sculpture)


Retail value must be at least $500. Retail value is what a buyer would pay if the piece was for sale in a gallery. The opening bid is 35% of retail value.


Please enter retail value in US dollars (without $ sign or decimel points)

The form is very fussy—no $ sign or decimel points or the form will fail.

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Digital Image and Artist Statement

The jury reviews the actual piece NOT an image of the piece.
We need a high resolution image for the catalog and website.


The image you supply is for use in the catalog and the website.

Image specscolor, high resolution (300 dots per inch), at least 2500 pixels (7 inches) wide.
See Call for Submissions for complete information, including a sample to download.

The image file name should include the ARTIST’S NAME and YEAR, like this: Frida_Kahlo_2019.jpg

Email your image to Theresa Fong at

Digital Image*
  • I will provide a high resolution digital image of the art.
  • An image of my art may be used for promotional purposes in print, on the web, and other media.


Delivery Date


Your Artist Statement will appear on your Art for AIDS web page, like this. Write your Artist Statement, of about 100 words, in this box. If you are sending your statement separately or you don’t wish to send a statement, please indicate that in the box below.


The form is fussy—you must put some text in the box (even if it’s “no statement”) or the form will fail and it will wipe out all the information you already put in.

Artist Statement or Bio
Special Instructions

You will receive a confirmation email
after you press the “submit” button.

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Remember, filling out the form is Step One. Now we need
your art delivered to the office for the jury to review and a
digital image of your piece. Thanks!


Please print the email and attach a printed copy to
the art piece you deliver to the Art for AIDS office.