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The United States Association of Consecrated Virgins (USACV) and newly formed International Resource Center for the Ordo Virginum (IRC) operate as one organization to offer educational materials and programs about the vocation, and to encourage study and growth of understanding of consecrated virginity lived in the world. The USACV-IRC is self-supporting and relies upon the generous support of Members and Friends through dues and donations.


We welcome all United States consecrated virgins to join in our mission by registering as Members of the USACV Section of the USACV-IRC in 2021. If you have not registered in any previous year, please also complete the initial membership application form.


We welcome consecrated virgins from all countries to register as Friends - consecrated virgin of the USACV-IRC.


As well, we warmly welcome diocesan delegates for consecrated life, vocation directors, and all who desire to support our work to register as Friends. 


For more information about the USACV-IRC, click here.


2021 Membership Registration:

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NOTE: For those who have registered in the past, you need only to complete items below that have changed since your last registration:

Non USCCB Diocese of Residence
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Please indicate how (and if) you would like to receive prayer requests and quarterly issues of our newsletter, "The Lamp." Email is preferred, due to cost savings.


The address list of USACV members is distributed annually only to current members. Members' names, contact info, and consecration dates will be included unless restrictions are indicated in the note section below.

Email Prayer List: indicate if you wish to receive prayer requests by email (preferred) in 2021:
Or, if you wish to receive a monthly summary of prayer requests by U.S. mail:
Address List Confidentiality - Note Restrictions

Sharing our Talents

The USACV-IRC provides an important service to the Church as well as to members of our small association. We rely upon the volunteer services of our members to accomplish this work, for the glory of God. If you have skill or experience or a desire to learn to assist in the following areas, please so indicate, even if you have done so on previous registration forms. Thank you!

Artistic and Technical Skills
Formation Resources
Liturgy / Music / Conference
Notes on Experience / Skills

Membership Dues/Donations

Choose your Membership Type:


Member: Consecrated virgins living in dioceses under the jurisdiction of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are eligible to be Members of the USACV Section of the USACV-IRC. If this is the first time you are registering as a Member, please also complete the initial membership application form.


Friend-consecrated virgin: Consecrated virgins from any country are welcome to register as Friends of the USACV-IRC.  


Friend: Diocesan Delegates for Consecrated Life, Vocation Directors, and all those interested in the vocation of consecrated virginity lived in the world are invited to show their support by registering as Friends of the USACV-IRC. 


(For more information about Membership Types, click here.)

If you are a Diocesan Representative for the OV, please note your position and resources that would assist your work:
If you are a Friend - consecrated virgin, please note if you are interested in participating in work of the International Resource Center (IRC) for the Ordo Virginum:

 Choose your Membership Level: 


2021 Dues: 2021 Member and Friend dues are $40 plus a $2 convenience fee for paying by credit card.


Other Member Levels: Other levels of support include dues and an additional donation. The USACV-IRC operates solely by your contributions, and we encourage those who are able to consider a higher level of support. If you request to receive "The Lamp" by U.S. mail, please consider dues/donation at the St. Lucy level ($75) in order to cover printing and mailing costs. 


(For more information about Membership Levels, click here.)


If you would like to donate separately from your membership, you may do so here: donate.


Thank you for your support and generosity. (If you are not able to afford dues in the current year, but desire to be a member, please complete a manual registration form.)

Member dues and donations to the USACV-IRC are tax-deductible. If you would like to make an additional donation at any time, please go to donate here

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