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This Yammer network is a space for students, teachers, WCTD staff and industry experts to share ideas, knowledge and experience. We work diligently to keep it a safe space for students to learn and engage with industry experts, regarding careers in the (STEAM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.


By completing this form, you are acknowledging that you are a student age 13-22 years old. (If you are not and would like to join our community as a volunteer industry expert or teacher, please contact us at Yammeradmin@we-connect-the-dots.org)


We highly recommend that all students take the free training course offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy: Getting Started with Yammer Course

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Our CreatingSTEAM Yammer network contains a usage policy that all students must adhere to in order to remain members of the network. Please read the usage policy below.  Once invited into the community you will be prompted to read and accept the usage policy prior to entering the community.

CreatingSTEAM Student Community Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to CreatingSTEAM Yammer!

Our goal is to provide a collaborative environment to connect students with, Industry Experts, Teachers, and other students interested in learning about STEAM careers.  In this community you can engage to learn how to code, how to create digital animation, what new exciting technology hardware is being developed, the list goes on and on.  You decide what conversations you want to create and learn from experts in this community.  Who knows you may become an expert some day from this experience in Yammer.

We are ultimately bridging various education and the STEAM industries across geographic locations to share meaningful information.

Your activity in this network is governed by the following requirements:

  • Please do not post information into the main feed focus your content to the proper groups or create a group if needed.

  • Be respectful to other members. It is acceptable to disagree, but please do so in a respectful manner.

  • Add value with each post.

  • You are responsible for the material you post to Yammer.

  • It is important to substantiate ideas, but please keep messages brief and to the point.

  • This community is for partnering to empower students.  Please focus on educational development, student career development and awareness, professional personal development, and partnering to empower students.  Content that is not in line with our mission will be removed.

Get started by following these Best Practices:

  • Start by watching the Yammer Tutorial Videos posted in the Yammer Training Group, which make it easy to understand how Yammer works.  Our visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy and take the Microsoft Yammer Essentials Course

  • When you first join, select the students or experts you want to follow. Posts from these experts will appear in your My Feed. To see all posts, select Company Feed.

  • Fill out your Profile information. Complete the Expertise and Education sections and be sure to add a Profile picture!

  • Customize your email preferences in the Notifications section.

  • Before asking a question, search the Questions app and explore the Topics feed to explore existing content. This will help limit repetitive messages.

  • Browse the Group directory and join Groups that you find important. If a specific Group does not exist, start a new one and invite members of your team to contribute messages. For best results, use Groups as a replacement for existing email listservs.

  • Add Topics, Links, pictures, and Events to posts when applicable.

  • Use the Yammer FAQs and How-To-Guide to help clarify common concerns.

  • Take time to explore Yammer- you'll get the hang of it!

Post a Question, or send a Direct Message to yammeradmin@we-connect-the-dots.org with any specific questions

Once you press submit you will receive an email acknowledgement to confirm that you completed the request form.


Within 48 hours you will receive and email from Yammer.com inviting you into the community.  You will not be able to join without that invite.


Follow the prompts from the invite to get your account setup, for further instructions we suggest you review the Yammer Essentials Course, a link is provided within the Usage Policy above.


We look forward to having you a part of our community, please post your first message and say hello once you enter the community.




The WCTD Team


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