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Please fill out the form below to request a volunteer session for your group. Requesting a session through this form does not reserve your slot - we will get back to you in approximately 3-5 business days to discuss your group reservation.


See below for our locations, shifts, and capacity.

Group Information

Organization/Group Name*
Department/Team Name if any
Estimated Number of Volunteers (specify # of adults and # of youth)*
How did your group hear about us?

Primary Contact Information

Please include your group's primary contact's name, email, and phone number below. You can choose to include the address associated with your group's business/organization.

Group Coordinator Email*
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Volunteer Event Information

We want to find a great match for you and your group! Please check all that apply.

Desired Location and times you would like to volunteer
  • White Center - 10002 14th Ave SW Seattle 98146
  • South Lake Union - 435 8th Ave N. Seattle 98109
White Center Volunteer Hours and Capacity
  • Tuesdays 9am-1pm (up to 10 people)
  • Thursdays 10am-1pm (up to 30 people)
  • Thursdays 1pm-4pm (up to 30 people)
  • Fridays 10am-1pm (up to 30 people)
  • Fridays 1pm-4pm (up to 30 people)
  • Saturdays 10am-1pm (up to 15 people)
  • Evenings 6pm-9pm (up to 20 people))
South Lake Union Volunteer Hours and Capacity
  • Mondays 10am-1pm (up to 10 people)
  • Wednesdays 5pm-8pm (up to 15 people)
  • Fridays 10am-1pm (up to 20 people)
  • Fridays 1pm-4pm (up to 20 people)
  • Saturdays 10am-1pm (up to 10 people)
Our Group would be interested in helping with the following (check all that apply):
  • Sorting and Shelving
  • Order Filling
  • Equipment Checking
  • Toys
  • Host a Drive
Check below if you this group is interested in help at fundraising events
  • Event Support


WestSide Baby will accept youth volunteers ages 8 and older.  Youth volunteers between ages 8-13 must be accompanied by an adult and work together for the entire volunteer session.  Youth volunteers between the ages of 14-17 may volunteer unaccompanied.  All youth must provide a signed Minor Consent form prior to volunteering.  


Liability Waiver

 Liability Waiver


Checking the box labeled “I Agree” on this form is your electronic signature for you and any dependents for this waiver and means that you fully agree with the following statements

By registering, I voluntarily release WestSide Baby from any liability, claims or obligations for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death occurring as a result of the activities or services which I may engage in through volunteer opportunities.  Additionally, I agree to allow WestSide Baby and sponsors of its events to use my name, voice,  photo and likeness for promotional purposes without any compensation.  All participants under the age of 18 must submit a Minor Consent Form. Please download it here and bring a signed copy to your volunteer session if applicable.
Agreement to the above statements*
  • I Agree

Additional Information

Let us know more about your group down below! Ex: children under the age of 18, any physical limitations, a desired volunteer date, or any other pertinent information.

Additional Comments

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