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  • By publicly naming the Red Door as the beneficiary of my event, I agree to remit the full amount of net proceeds from this event, together with all related financial reports, to the Red Door Family Shelter within 30 days of this event.
  • I understand that tax receipts will be issued according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and that I must discuss tax receipting details with the Red Door prior to the event or tax receipts will not be issued.
  • I understand that I may not contract this event out to another 3rd Party fundraiser.
  • I agree that Red Door’s name and logo are important symbols which should not be misrepresented.
  • Prior to publicizing or holding the event, the Red Door Family Shelter must approve this proposal.
  • I understand that all materials with the Red Door Family Shelter’s name on it must be pre-approved by the Red Door Family Shelter.
  • The Red Door Family Shelter assumes no legal or financial liability associated with this event.
  • The Red Door Family Shelter is not responsible for any accidents or damage to persons or property that may occur during the course of this event and I will arrange that suitable insurance is in place prior to staging this event.
  • The Red Door reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any given time should the event undermine Red Door’s mission, vision, values, established policies, or threaten its work and reputation within the community. The Red Door Family Shelter is not responsible for financial or other damages that may result from such cancellation.


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